Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just then as I was playing guitar I realised I had a couple of 'Tenacious D' guit picks.
If you look closely to the left hand side of the KG pick you can see the damage where KG's guitar strings have torn it up.
I thank my mate Ed for the KG pick, KG threw it out into the crowd, it hit Ed in the chest, Ed put his hands out to catch it, missed and just gazed at it on the ground, he took to long to get it so I reached on down and snatched it (don't worry) I said "sorry" and it has a happy ending!
At the end of the night I said to Ed "I betcha if we go up the front the roadies will throw out the rest of those picks" pointing to the ones on the side of the mikes. Sure enough they did I managed to grab four (being a little bugger I could squeeze through the crowd while they picked their noses going "derr, I'm to tall to reach down that far and even see where those picks are".
I ended up giving one JB pick and one KG pick to Ed as a thankyou for droping the KG played pick, giving one KG pick to our mate Ooh Ahh who was standing up the back and keeping the other JB one for myself so I'd have one of each, tadaa! Posted by Picasa

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Arschblog said...

Tenacious D are great!

Thanks for your comment! :)
You draw a lot, how many sketchbooks do you have at home?
Please scan your drawings bigger, I want to see more details of your fantastic art!