Friday, March 09, 2007

Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth's 'Sidewalk Surfer' Probably drawn by Robert Williams?
I get around on my skateboard a bit so I thought it fitting to paint it on a t-shirt
and because I love the picture heaps!

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Anonymous said...

Roth's charactures are cool. You painted that on a shirt? Wow. Your really good. Do you have animation studios in Australia?

Anonymous said...

You said somewhere in your blog you work in television? Couldn't you talk them into letting you do some shorts like Roger Ramjet? You could do it. I seen your video. I'm working on the voice acting part of my cartoon. I'm trying to do many voices. I did the voice in the title. I'll post my animatic of what I have done on Banjo's baitshop blog in a day or two. So you can see it. Well, I guess it's already tomorrow there, I'll post it in two or three days. Ha Ha Ha.