Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's me.
draged the carpet python out of the grass to show my mum and dad.
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adrian.cherry said...

new pet?

Hryma said...

Na, let him go further into the bush away from the road.

Bob said...

are those poisoness?

Hryma said...

Hey Bob,
It's a harmless Carpet Python, (constrictor).
This one actually snapped at my camera as I was trying to get a close head shot.
Their mouth can carry bacteria from the rodents they eat and it is possible (rare) that a bite from one can cause infection. I have heard of a case of a temporary arm swell, it was a family friend who is a proffesional reptile handler.
It made me laugh when my folks told me "now you be careful..."
And before I moved I had a couple for pets. So I kinda know what I'm doing.

I'd never attempt picking up a venomous snake.