Friday, February 13, 2009

Toys from the Cartoon 'Sound Scrap'

I thought I'll give this blog a try with the ol' sale thing... there's a commercial below for them.

35 Aussie bucks each or all three for only 90 dollars (+ postage), that's like only $26.35 American money each or $67.75 for all three!
And they're all individually cast in resin & hand painted by me!
Australian made that is, no slave labour. (colors may vary).

The Commercial

All three characters

Single Character


James said...

Wow. these are awesome, and really affordable. The commercial was great too.

Hryma said...

Thanks James, glad you like them!
I've got more cheaper things coming real soon, like in about an hour...
And maybe more even more affordable things after that if I can iron out the bumps, so keep your fingers crossed for me...