Friday, June 13, 2008

Thanks to the majesty of other peoples artsites and computers I'm able to post whilest my screens in intensive care.
These pics and more were taken at 'studio 19' Sarah's paint-off party. You can check out more and cool comments from Bobby Bee at


simonsays... said...

mate, your shit is awesome but there's a couple of blokes named simon and stales that reckon they could do a shit load better after six beers on a friday night....have a good one mate!!

Nico said...

that's so cool!!!!! I wish I coulda joined in

Hryma said...

Don't know if energy is spam, to scared to click on it, can anyone shed some light?

I'm Surrrree they could Simon how you doin' dude, how's the Rat? I wasn't refering to Stales.
Cracker profile pic, looks cozy!

It was Nico, me to.
If you ever host a paint-off party I'm hoping for an invite!

Andy said...

lol Hryma, energyscales is spam. I got like literally 10 of those the other day... :/

That's awesome btw. Art on paper/canvas = lame. Walls are where it's at!!!

There was an artwork in a Brisbane museum I think it was... where they inflated these huge balloons, spray painted them, and placed them on the wall. It was two stories, and looked awesome. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you probably didn't see it, so you missed out man!!! lol.

PS: Post more cartoons.

Hryma said...

Thanks there Andy 'energyshit'=gone
Yeah that Brissy thing have no idea what you're on about, I'll google it and put more cartoony things up once MY monitors back!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Good work as always, mate.

Wish I coulda been there!

- trevor.

Hammerson said...

Hey, looks like it's been lot of fun. And the artwork is terrific! I hope you'll soon repair your computer (I managed to get my PC back in action, three days ago).

Hryma said...

Thanks Trevor, I wish everyone could have been there.
Maybe one day there should be a giant get together of all the artistic blog spotters, and we all get to paint a section of a wall/gallery! yeah that would be sweet.

Cheers Hammerson!
Turns out my monitor needs to be swaped with a brand newie, thankfully it was under warranty, but now I have to wait approx two weeks!
I can't wait that long, so I'm gonna have to search for a cheapy, reconditioned or rental...?