Thursday, June 19, 2008

Well, I couldn't wait 2 weeks for my monitor so I went and got a second hand one for 20 bucks.
It's small but at least I can start inking again and stuff. So here's a scene, I think the colors are a bit gordy...

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Deemo said...

hey hyrma i dont know if you got my other message but its cool with me if you want to ink some of my drawings

trevor said...

Me too! Have at my George drawing you liked so much!

Also, I'm sorry I haven't emailed you back, but I got fired, then found a new job, only to get fired this morning.

I'll tell you all about it later, bro.

By the way, your backgrounds are off the chain! I love them. I only wonder if you're using too many bright colors.

Talk to you soon!

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Thanks Deemo got it, cheers dude and will do!

Same goes for you to Trevor.
Sorry to hear about your jobs!

I was thinking I'm using to many bright colors too, but I like bright colors. Like what you like.
I would have liked to put some 'dirty' colors in there, but even the dirty colors are 'clean' when it comes to computers.

Deemo said...

Hey Hyrma i put a bunch of new stuff up on my blog you should check it ok. Tell me what you think of the new pics. Thanks

trevor said...

The program to use, my friend, is Corel PainterX. They have every colour imaginable and it's the closest thing out now to painting with real paint.

Dirty colours, bright colours, all are one with Painter.

I'm telling you, Hrym, you gotta use Corel. Your drawings, once coloured with it, will thank you.

- trevor.

Deemo said...

Yeah its really strange for some reason i like lumpy trees. lol.

Just a quick question. When your inking in illustrator what size do you set your brushes to? Just curious.

I finally started inking in illustrator and I have to say illustartor i so annoying. Give me flash and its really easy, guess im going to be inking alot this week to really get the hang of illustrator.

Hryma said...

Hey Deemo,
I make brush sizes of 2, 3, 4 & 6
I tend to mostly use 3 and 4.

Nico said...

hey Hryma buddy, great job :)

Is it me or have you not been around lately? my blog is sorely missing your comments

Hryma said...

Yep, your right there Nico,
I'm ever so slowly piecing together my updated portfolio so I can get some work.
So I've been trying to keep away from the net and any other distractions, including drawing and sculpting.

I'll head over now...

Arschblog said...

Wow! Great job!!! I like how you draw trees!=)

Hammerson said...

Great stuff! I love both pictures, and the first one in particular impressed me with excellent inking and composition! Please post more!

Regarding the "dirty colors", I usually mix every color area with some small percentage of gray. Also, I often do the following trick in Photoshop to achieve some "dirty" color textures:
use some softer brush, put it into the DISSOLVE mode, reduce its opacity to 20% (or even less), and paint the area with some color. Then use another color and paint it over again. Then apply the Gaussian blur on the area, to soften the grain. Paint over the same area again, this time with the brush in normal mode (while keeping the low opacity setting), to smooth it further. You'll get some nice "dirty" effects :)