Thursday, August 21, 2008

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trevor said...

What'd you ink with, Hrym Dog? I likee.

- trevor.

PS: You been to the Rocketship blog lately? We've bought most of the fabric and the plans for the puppets. I'll tell you more later.

James said...

Sweet drawings dude. That one on the bottom is really cool. Its just really cool. You're awesome at drawing women.

Nico said...

very comic book-y! I like these too

Hryma said...

Thanks peoples!
Illustrator and the top and bottom ones coloured with photoshop.
Not for about 3 days Trev, I'll have a good look in the morning:)

Ahh James, cheers dude your very cool, very cool.

Drawing comics as a kid was huge for moi, I want to get back into drawing in that Marvelesque style that I have put aside for too long.

trevor said...

Welcome to the Cartoon Fundamentals blog, mate! Now I can stop being the best one there.

Just kidding!

Also, thanks for putting your two cents in at the Rocketship blog. We'll keep you up to date, and whenever you get a chance come back with a glance because you lend credibility to a project that is otherwise a few unprofessionals with their thumbs up their bums.

Which is fun, but gets boring after several days.

- trevor.

Deemo said...

Great to see you posting some artwork again. Yeah!!!!

jack raffin said...

man, the sculptures on yr folio blog are really damn cool. hoggle!