Saturday, August 02, 2008

Next film.
Gravestones made by me.

Me making more stuff.

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trevor said...

Holy cow!

Camera envy!

Hot chick envy!

Tripod envy!

Willing-and-ready-non-egocentric-crew envy!

Fuck, even your clapper is better than mine. See, we don't use one because it's video. I guess you do it just to be flashy!

Mission accomplished, Mr. Bond.

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Ha ha, thanks Trev.
No the clapper is important, even if you don't use the 'clap', for time coding, scenes and takes!

Nico said...

so impressive! we should do a project together my aussie friend. i think our combined powers would blow people's mindz

Hryma said...

That would be COOL!
For sure Nico, who's flying where,
haha?! Looks like we're doing a feature. It's on the horizon for October...

Bob said...

BAHAHAHAHAHA i just looked down at your blog and saw a drawing of popeye with two eyes, thanks hyrma that made my day.

Also nice grave stones at first I thought someone died and i was going to send my condolences, but you fooled me!

shame on you

Hryma said...

Ahhh, cracker Bob, your comment has made my day so far, cheers dude funny stuff!

Nico said...

friend Hryma,

if i buy you a plane ticket to Burbank will you film a project with kali and me?

Nico said...


Andy said...


You're so awesome.

Hryma said...

Andy man, what happened to your blog?!
I went looking for it a few weeks back and was wondering what happened to it!
I miss them comics ;p

Andy said...

Hey! I'm gonna start it up again in a few days! But (And this is going to sound very unprofessional) I had to scrap the Ways To Get Laid concept. My girlfriend's family is extremely Christian... if they ever found out about it... yikes.. hahahaha. I'm fine with it though... I gots better ideas!

James said...

Cool. Looks like a cool film. I always wanted to clap a clapper. Ohh and check out my blog when you get a chance. Remember that super hero animation of mine, I cleaned it up and put H-Hog in it.

trevor said...

Hey Andy.

From personal experience, Christians give the best head because they're the biggest freaks!

Soak it up before the guilt overcomes her and she becomes a Jehovia's Witness. That's what happened to me, anyway.

- trevor.