Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Pinstriping and the Fink.

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Nico said...

haha, cool! i love your brain.

jack raffin said...

oh MAN. you did rat fink! my eyes turned out like rat fink's when i saw that bin.

i'd advise not to take out the garbage with that, i'd steal that bin without hesitating.

... oh boy, picture this if you will: a big daddy roth-type hot rod done on a wheelie bin.

(also, don't know if you read my follow up to yr comment on my blog, but yeah, i went to uni in ballarat. and you, lived there at some point or something? so small world, i guess.)

Hryma said...

Oh yeah and incorporate it's wheels, nice one Jack!
Yep I've read it now and commented.

jack raffin said...


bridge mall inn was before my time, i think. it closed 2003 (i've heard the place being mentioned many a time). i started uni the year after. anyone that i knew that went out nights went to the damn, what's it called, korova?

Hryma said...

Yep Karova.