Saturday, October 18, 2008

Friendly Fruit bat.I was extremely careful in handling, because it is knownthat they can carry a reovirus that'll give you a not so nice flu.So I don't recommend you handling one, a bite or even a scratchcan transfer the virus. I called a bat specialist to suss out the details.This little fella was very perky and inquisitive.He hung out on the clothesline for about twenty minutes,snuggling out to an array of t-shirts after throwing two of my socksand a pair of my undies of the line and onto the ground. I wish I had a photo of that but the battery went flat.
Also anyone still interested in a toy made of their character/s, let me know it's all systems go!

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trevor said...

That's crazy how you got so close to him! But I got you beat, kid!

Of course, you probably know about the Black Throat monitor that came for a visit to my place, hoping to eat my cat, right?

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Yep yep, but did YOU catch it?
how's about these three?:-
1st,tick removal from back of his head,

James said...

Wow. That's really cool. You're really an animal person, like with the stickbug, and baby scorpion.

And about the tool box, you would pinstripe anything if could, wouldn't you? It's great though.

Hryma said...

Sure am James, I love animals, not so much cats though, I tend to stray from them, pun intended.

Yep I love pinstriping!

Nico said...

what a cute new friend! thanks for sharing these