Friday, December 05, 2008

Win at toys by Hryma!

Hi everyone,

I now have a competition up and running and who doesn't love a competition?!

It's a good one for the holiday season too, mums and dads keep your children busy or even yourself, because anyone can enter!

(except my imediate family of course, sorry family).

There are four prize catorgories.

To find out more please visit my toy blog here:

And the best of luck to everyone!!


James said...

Hey Ant, this is kinda off topic, but do you know anything about actually building custom guitars? I might want to build one with my friends in my spare time, and I'm just trying to find find out some stuff, and maybe an estimated cost.

Hryma said...

Hey James,
I'm working on a making a bass guitar, so it ain't to off topic and have made an acoustic bass before too.

I'll comment you back in the next few days... till then have a Merry Christmas!

James said...

Thanks, you too!