Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ren & Stimpy Pog, made them when I was 15

Frank Macchia
and I had a discussion about the fact we both made our on R&S pogs when we were younger.

The reason I made them was because at the time there weren't any Ren & Stimpy pog, or at least pictures of the ones I wanted to be on pogs (?).

So hear are the ones I made, way back in 95-1996 I think. Made out of good durable tuff card that almost broke the scissors and my puny 15year old arms (that's why they're not totally circular).



Frank Macchia said...

ohhh mannn...haha these are seriously great....youve even got all the secondary characters....where else are you gonna find a pog with Anthony, Stinky Wizzle Teets, or Wilbur Cobb on it?

if you want it done right, do it yourself eh?. haha.

ok....youve stayed true to your end of the bargain, now its my turn. Its 2am but im not gonna come outta the basement til i find my damn home made pogs. lol

excellent post. best set of home made pogs ive ever seen lol.

...if only we had mastered making our own slammers haha.

patrick said...

haha, awesome! I'm surprised I didn't think of that.

James said...

Wow, those were just great. I remember pogs, I was only like 2 when they were real popular but I remember them.That powdered toast man one looks real.

Hryma said...

Frank, you still in the basement?
Thanks for the cudos dude. Slammers, I pretty sure I could make them now, hmmm.

Thanks Patrick, Ihad too much time on my hands, plus I was also absolutley obsessed with Ren & Stimpy, (not saying you weren't or nothing).

Ha, "Powdered Toastman looks real". Thanks James.

Trevor Thompson said...

Man, I would've been into Pogging had these been available to me at the time.

Do people still Pog in your part of the planet?

- trevor.

Hryma said...

I'm not sure Trev, maybe the kids do?
It originated in New Zealand. I think the story goes that a teacher started playing it with her students using the card from milk bottles and the lids as slammers. ?, it's been a long time since I've heard the origins.

Trevor Thompson said...


So you gonna be on AIM 'round 2:30 PM your time?

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Sorry champ was running erands.
Keep a look out.