Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tell Me Why?

"Hello Mr. Krinkle tell me why?"

You can watch the brilliant, crazy and kinda creepy 'Mr. Krinkle' Primus video here:

And two inhabitors of the shed, Mr. & Mrs? Leaf Tale Gecko. Or Mrs. then Mr. I'm hoping the one on the left is pregnant, it's gotten a little chubbier in the past couple of months. Then there will be cute little babies hanging around!


patrick said...

Wow, spot on!

Hryma said...

Thanks Patrick, glad you like it!

Trevor Thompson said...

Man, your geckos are awesome!

The ones we have here in Florida are boring, plus they think that if they do a bunch of push ups and then expose their throat flap at me, I'll shit my pants and run for the mountains.... which is a three week trip if I'm running.

You should cast a mold of them, and make little fake ones. Put them around the shed and see if they are fooled, or try to hump them or something.

Actually, you shouldn't do that.

- trevor.

PS: Do it anyway!

James said...

That is great. How long did this one take you?

Hryma said...

I think they sound like cool Florida Geckos Trev.
One day I'll get around to sculpting one that I can take casts from....

G'day James, I worked on the 'Mr. Krinkle' toy over a week, working on little bits here and there when I had the time. The bass head-stock was the most tedeous and drawn out part. No actual hours were noted...?

LuisNCT said...

I've been looking at your portfolio and you have a lot of really cool figures there!
I specially like that pig one, the labyrinth figures and the superclay devil and cat

DKqwerty said...

It's a cross between Jimi Hendrix, Bocephus, Cher, and James Brown.