Friday, January 23, 2009

Jimminy Cricket!!

How big is this cricket?! The size of a mouse I guess, maybe a little bigger!
It even hissed at me like a cat does.

I was wondering what type of "cricket" it was so I googled ''Giant Cricket' and this huge bastard came up. My first thought when I saw the "cricket" in the backyard was "Weta?"
This one was titled 'Giant Weta'.
Now I'm thinking I should have held on to it because it has some similarities to this guy.
Weta's are from New Zealand, did he hitch a lift? Is it a Weta?
The last thing we want is a weta outbreak...


Nico said...

i could never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever in a MILLION years hold that thing let alone touch it!! you are brave sir

Hryma said...

Why not? It's only a criket.
Didn't you ever pick up bugs when you were a kid?
If I wasn't a semi-"artist", I'd be chasing creepy crawlies and hanging in the jungle with all the animals like Tarzan.

(I must say I was a little hesitant because of it's size. I poked him first to see it's reaction. It's got a decent kick on it).

Nico said...

never. i have found bugz scary and disgusting all my life

Trevor Thompson said...

Nico, don't be a pussy. It's just a miniature lobster that hisses.

Damn, dude. That sucker's amazing! I'm the same way as you. I used to catch all sorts of creepy crawlies when I was a kid, and I'd put them in a tank for a couple of days before letting them go. LOVED me some bullfrogs, too!

Hopefully you don't go the way of the Croc Hunter!

- trevor.

Click here to see the monster in my yard!

Hryma said...

Haha, just like Pinchie a cute lobster bug, except I didn't eat him. eergh.

I'm starting to feel like a child again, reminiscing about catching bugs. Now I want to make fun of Nico and chase him with a jar of bugs and Trevor and I will taunt him.

No we won't, sorry Nico! ;)

Bullfrogs always amazed me.
American kids shows made me jealous, I didn't have big frogs like that where I grew up.

I'm keeping away from poisonous and venomous animals.

That monitor is prehistoric man,
I'd seen it before but it's still cool.

Deemo said...

That thing is HUGE!!! You should have definitely held on to that thing.

Hryma said...

I wouldn't know where to put it? It wouldn't fit anywhere!

LuisNCT said...

looks like a weta