Thursday, July 17, 2008

Production photos of a horror/thriller short, not much explained in these pictures. The ones of me are just naturally scary.


Scary, me in makeup.

Art department, turned actors.

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Deemo said...

The popeye thing was funny, its good to see you putting some stuff up again.

trevor said...

Mmm. I smell that familiar scent of Karo syrup and red food coloring.

Btw, do you add a pinch of blue to your fake blood? I used to before the digital revolution, but now that cameras pick up everything so well, it's red all the way.

I hope you upload it soon. What sort of camera is that?

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Thanks Deemo, I was starting to wonder where you had gone too, great to see new work from you!
I know I wouldn't want you to slip through my fingers, I'd be getting you to storyboard straight away!

I use Corn Syrup, which I guess is the same thing? with coco powder for thickness density and the odd chunk and yeah instead of blue a few drops of green to darken.
I didn't have to make any which was good. It ain't a gore-fest so what little blood was needed was left to Yvette in makeup.

These films we've been making are for festivals so it may be a while before it's on the net.

The camera... it's a good one!?

Hammerson said...

Isn't that Thom Yorke in the first photo? :)
Good luck with the movie, but don't leave forever the cartoon world! I'm preparing my own horror movie project too (the second one in my short career so far), as a part of the film school assignment.

Hryma said...

Bwaaa ha ha, I'd take that as a compliment if I were a Radiohead fan, though I must say that their new album ain't that bad.
I'll always draw, but I really like making movies and making stuff for them!:)