Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is this it??.....
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How brilliant are these! It's art by Kali Fontecchio.

Head over to KaliKazoo and buy some artwork too!

(If your lucky enough that there are still pieces for sale)

And be a very happy customer like me:) http://kalikazoo.blogspot.com/2008/05/happies.html



Nico said...

awww, Kali's a sweetheart! and you're a sweetheart too Hryma for documenting this. You're all just too sweet!!!!!!! i'm in love with everybody

Kali Fontecchio said...

:p :p :p!!!!!!!! You look so happy!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) !!!!!!!!!!!

Hryma said...

Yeah, without sounding to "gay" one of the nicest things to see is people smiling, and to see that my joy made Kali smile (see my myspace comments) is the best!

Love all around Nico!

Yep, when I opened the envelope, I even let out an "Awesome" with a girly squeal.
Even the silly postman putting a slight fold in the envelope couldn't annoy me or stop me from being happy!

James said...

Kali always has a bunch of cool stuff.

Deemo said...

Hey Hyrma thanks for the comment on my blog. I really enjoy evrything that you out up also.

I do have some question. When your inking in illustrator are you using brushes that youve made or the basic brushes that illustrator already has?

How do you get your lines to have pointy edges instead of squared ones? Because everytime I make a line the ends always turn out blocky?

Bob said...

hahaha awesome those drawings are kick ass!
especially the one with the dude with the midget hand waving

Deemo said...

Hey thanks Hyrma your a big help. Im really not sure how I get those lines. All I can say is that I think I get them by using the basic brushes in illustrator. Im really not sure Im practicing alot so when I figure it out ill definitely let you know.

trevor said...

I wish I had some money. :(

Awesome! Say, is there a cereal party going on at your crib? Looks like there's a few cars in the driveway.

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Me too Trev.
Also can you see outside the picture? There's only two in shot, when you live with a guy who likes cars and especially for spare parts, you'll have a few cars.
He has 6 and I have one.

trevor said...

Honestly, that was the vibe I got. The way the cars were parked, I got the feeling that there were more than two cars there.

Plus, I've lived with a car part nut before, too! It's the same thing.

- trevor.