Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Popeye may have gotten his name? part 1. Just a rough pencil sketch I whipped-up.

And some very cute pandas, what the hay, all pandas are cute!


Nico said...

holy shirt!

you just WHIPPED that up?

incredible and funny! that made my day

trevor said...

Wicked! And you were doing that while talking to me the whole time? Wicked, mate. I expected it to be neat, but not great! He yam what he yam.

Okay.... we need to work on something together.

- trevor.

PS: I think that's how it happened in the comic.

Hryma said...

Good to hear champ!

Hey Trev, I'm keeping you to your word, we shall work together one day...
And I spent about a full day on it, wish I could do it in a few hours.
If you freeze frame you can see I got lazy/bored.

Oh well, since that's how it may have happened in the comic I'll just have to do the second instalment now.

Deemo said...

Hows your portfolio coming along?

trevor said...

Hey Hrym:

Let me know when you're on AIM again... I have a project for us to work on!

- trevor.

Nico said...

hey hryma

tell me the next time you're on aim too. i wanna cyber.


Hammerson said...

Wow, that's some hilarious eye-poppin' piece of animation ;)
Good stuff, man! Popeye's expression in the last few frames really made me laugh.