Friday, May 16, 2008

3 Goblins.
Hoggle from the request of Trevor
And Gruempy in the light.
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Barbara said...

Hey Hryma! Damn, that Hoggle mask looks amazing! The ease that you churn out all these sculptures makes me want to kick my own ass!

chasgrits said...

what materials did you use...these look awesome!!!!!!

Hryma said...

Thanks Barabara, if your sculpting is anything, even a tiny wincy percentage like your drawings you have nothing to kick you arse over!

Cheers Chasgrits, I originally sculpted him out of plasticine.
Here's a rough explanation: then set it up for a two piece mold with white-clay ie:

Then you pour on the plaster, flip it when dried, do the other half, fill with liquid latex, ta-daa! Then paint.

Shawn said...

Jeez, man! Your stuff is amazing! Everything! Every post!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

I hadn't seen Gruempy yet! HOLY CRAP! You're one in a million, Anth!


- trevor.