Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hula Hawaii!
Painted but without a skirt.

Hula Hawaii!
bright colors,
Ahhh Ooohhh!

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Nico said...

AHHHHHHH nudie hula girl! Seriously though, this is SO. DANG. COOL.

I want to own an entire line of Kali characters!!! Hryma you're a genius!

Booo Tooons Ltd. said...

Why does fucking Australia get to have you? It's not fair.

- trevor.

Hryma said...

Thanks Nico! not tugging my own tightrope here but yeah, I reckon it's pretty cool too.
I'd buy it if it was a toy.

Trevor, because it's nice down here.
Why doesn't all the talent move here?! hey. hey?
They're really nice compliments.
Thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Youre a genius Mr Hryma! You'd better get some sort of sculpting job. Sounds alot better than a book stacker. I'd like to see a Sven Hoek action figure. Or the fat lady from Fire Dogs!

Andy said...

This is great. And Australia is more that just nice! The only draw back is the look of disappointment on horny tourist's faces when they realize Wet N Wild is a theme park and not something to do with playboy. Ba doom chh! (Okay bad joke...)

Keep it up Hryma.

Colter said...

Man, this is great. When I was inking for Kali I thought she looked a lot like a character that would be in the game Animal Crossing.

The 3D version confirms it. She'd fit right into the game.

Hryma said...

Thanks there Josh. There is a Sven toy floating around already which is cool. I don't think I could handle Miss Fatty sitting on my work area, but hey it would be good to get a contract or something to rehash those older characters in toy form.

Andy, I'll be sure to keep at it (I was going to write 'keep it up', but that just didn't sound right).

Colter, cool ok. I'll have to look up Animal crossing because I don't know what that is.