Friday, May 30, 2008

Original HB drawings, then I inked them in iIllustrator, followed by coloring in photoshop. I'm happy with it.

Original John K sketch, Inked in Illustrator a caricature of me.

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adrian.cherry said...

yay! go hryma!

Hammerson said...

WOW, this looks extraordinary, you're a man of many talents!! This is truly impressive inking and color, and you managed to keep all the qualities of the original pencil drawing. Really terrific work!

Hryma said...

Thankyou to the both of ya, your compliments mean a lot!

Arschblog said...

WOW!!! YOUR Backgrounds and characters are AMAZING!!! And like how you color them and your outlines!=)

Hryma said...

Thanks Stephie,
You're very gracious.
I wish they were my characters but I've just copied John K's.