Thursday, May 15, 2008

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Mitch L said...

Wow man, you're stuff is amazing. Really looks like fun sculpting. How long does it take to make one?

Hryma said...

I work pretty fast, Professor Mole took longer than I expected, all it took was one false move and it threw him of balance, he intern fell, followed by a lot of cursing, added another 4 hrs to make him. I roughly spent two days on him?

As with the pencil toppers, they were a couple to 3 hrs each.

And Hoggle, I worked on him for a week I think? But he was easier,
the smoother the surface the harder it seems, that might just be me though.

I was stoked to see someone else post a piece of my work.
I'll be saving that blog!

Keep up the good stuff Mitch.

Mitch L said...

Ok cool. I really thought that He Hogg whas the hardest one. Because of the balance. Respect for the patience!

Youre sculptures really looks awesome, maybe I am gonna practise more. That practise really helps me improving my construction.

Keep making all those cool toys and drawings!