Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention tuning keys will be soon on the ukulele.

Kali Fontecchio's 'Hula Girl', that she kindly said I said I could sculpt.
Head before baking .

The skirt is temporary and so is the flower, probably.
Now for a shiny coat of paint!

The start of 'Hula Girl', a Kali Fontecchio character.
Taking photos of my work shows me what's wrong with what I've done.
My eye doesn't always see one perspective, it see's too much and rounds it out (if that makes any sense?)
I thought it looked fine but the camera has told me that the hair 'bounce?'
is to big 'n' bouncy, so I'll need to cut it back.
more to come.....

(the more is some of the rest of the stuff above) .

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Ben Forbes said...

This is amazing! I wish I had half the skills you have. I'd like to see one of my drawings sculpted by you.

Nico said...

that is AWESOME!!!!!

Nico said...

i can not wait for more!!! i want to be your friend

Hryma said...

Thanks Ben,
You've got the skills, what are you talking about!
Yeah I need more comments like that too, I need to convince the 'NEIS' program that I can run a commercially viable business, and that people want toys made by me!

Cheers Nico, more of Hula Girl very soon.
You sound like one funny dude, I'm heading over to myspace now to ask you to be a friend.
Maybe one day I'll get over to the states and meet ya that'b awesome!

Kali Fontecchio said...

OMG I JUST CRIED. No really, some tears came down! This is such an honor! This is so cool! Ok I'll stop crying. You're amazing. I can't wait to show John!!!!

Hryma said...

That's beautiful Kali.
Thankyou very kindly,
It must meen I've done it justice.